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Pokie Machine

Chances are that you will play or have already played a gaming machine. Studies have shown that most problem gamblers are regular pokie players.

Pokies are more easily accessed than most other forms of gambling in the community. They are also user-friendly. Pokie venues can be fun places to visit.

There is often free tea and coffee, the staff are helpful and fellow players may become your friends.

However, gambling involves risk and you may not understand that the risks can be more than just the loss of a few dollars here and there.

Pokies are often an escape from the troubles of the outside world.

Some people get ‘hooked’ on gambling and this can have serious consequences.

Assets, income, security, lifestyle and relationships are often put at risk. Just over 2% of Australian adults have gambling problems, however 15% of regular non-lottery gamblers  have gambling problems.

Problem gambling does not only affect the person who gambles, but may affect additional five to ten other people.

For these reasons it is important that we understand the choices we make when we decide to gamble, and we recognise the warning signs that gambling could be developing into a problem.



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